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  1. MLAPI is also another really solid option if you're already using or considering on using Mirror. Basically identical feature set but with better performance. Mirror does have better documentation and a larger community, however. Either option is solid for any game with <64 players per session. Once you're passing that you're better off looking at something like Photon Server or DarkRift2 (there's also Unity's netcode but that's still experimental and not production ready).

  2. I got everything set up properly in the Mirror example projects, but Mirror doesn't seem to work. The players can join a game but they don't show up on any other client. I have tested all the ports and they are open, Windows is not blocking anything, and I tried all different setups…client-server, server-client-client, etc. I am also not getting any error messages or warnings. Here is a screen shot of two players, one using a server-client, and one as just a client. The matches do show up in the UI, and can be joined, but the other players never show up:


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